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At Cisco, we have always had an enthusiastic, “try anything” approach to R&D. Our early-in-career hires keep us on our toes, push us to think differently, and often help us solve difficult problems by redefining them in new terms. We’ve been piloting a ton of new programs for PhD, Masters, and undergraduate students, and we’re so excited about the results!

If you’re interested in joining Cisco, please contact us and tell us a bit about yourself. We’d like your resume, of course, but we’re really interested in what lights your fire. What interesting problems have you solved? What have you built? What part do you want to play in changing the future of the Internet?

CIIP (Pronounced "SIP")

Cisco International Internship Program (CIIP) is an internship program on steroids. We seek out the highest-performing undergraduate and graduate students on the planet for a full-year paid internship in the heart of Silicon Valley that includes housing & travel, recreational activities, and a vibrant international student culture.

Our CIIP students work hard and play hard. The program is driven out of our Chief Technology and Architecture office. We offer internships across the company, but we make sure managers give our CIIP interns time for stretch projects, and we stretch them hard! We routinely have them working side-by-side with the company’s lead architects and developers, and we insist on a flat culture where the best idea wins. We also give them time for play. We sponsor recreational activities, but the intern cohorts usually form their own bonds, and will often travel and create their own fun on weekends and holidays in the States.

Flexible Internship Programs

We offer flexible graduate and undergraduate internships ranging from three months to one year, with opportunities year round!

If you’re looking for a slack summer job, keep looking, because you won’t find it here. We put our interns to work! If you’re looking for buzzwords to pad your resume, move on. Our interns actually build stuff. (and really cool stuff!) If you’re just looking to increase your publication or patent volume, look somewhere else. Our graduate students are publishing meaningful results, and earning patents for technologies that will change the industry. We strive to make our internships mutually beneficial. We give our students opportunities to explore their own interests, stretch projects, and we often send them to conferences like CiscoLive! and SIGCOMM … but we don’t send them as attendees—we send them as contributors! Many of our most ground-breaking research, prototypes, and products are created in part by our interns.

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