What is /dev/boot?

The /dev/boot action learning program is Cisco’s newest Open Innovation initiative focused on driving next-generation context, skills, and co-innovation across the industry.

Our groundbreaking formula is designed to incorporate architecture deep-dives, training, labs, and design sessions to bring thought leaders together, drive Open Innovation projects in the industry, and build the next generation of top developers and network architects.

Right now, the /dev/boot program is running an ODL-focused series. In future, we plan to extend this model to offer a variety of technologies and topic areas.

To learn more about some of the previous sessions, check out these highlights from our events in Beijing and Princeton, NJ.

The program is currently in beta mode and participants are hand-selected for the ODL /dev/boot experience. If you’re interested in being a part of an upcoming event, let us know.

Shoot us an email