Developing quantum network simulations the easy way

Streamline the process of building quantum network simulations with the QNDK

  • No-code approach

    Using a simple drag and drop interface, construct a network topology and protocol instruction set without the need for learning a particular simulation framework

  • Execution API

    Using the interface, modifing the simulation parameters and send it to the execution API. The simulation outputs are sent back to the interface for further analsys or downloading.

  • Offload computation

    Easily build out your desired network topology, generate the protocol logic in any of the available simulation frameworks, and execute the simulations in the cloud

The quantum network development kit

  • Network Simulation

    The QNDK platform simplifies simulation design and unifies the quantum network simulation ecosystem in a single application.

  • Run Experiments

    Simulations developed in the QNDK are executed in the cloud via our high-performance simulation cluster.

  • Protocol Builder

    Developing quantum network applications is hard. With the protocol builder tool, we dampen the learning curve by using a “no-code approach” to protocol development.

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Simulation engines

Use the right engine for you

  • Each simulation engine supports different features. We’ve integrated various engines to unify the quantum network simulation ecosystem.

  • When developing your simulation, use the engine that is right for you.

  • We're constantly expanding the supported simulation engines.


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