Cisco Research Quantum Summit

Cisco Quantum Summit (CQS) is an annual virtual meeting organized by Cisco Quantum Lab, bringing together experts in the industry, academia, and government to discuss progress towards building the quantum internet

October 10th - 11th 2023 (PST)

6 Days 0 Hours 4 Minutes 44 Seconds left until the event

Day 1

The times listed below are in Pacific Standard Time

Outshift by Cisco
  1. Vijoy Pandey

Head of Cisco Research
  1. Ramana Kompella

Keynote Speaker, IBM
  1. Jerry Chow

Worldwide Quantum Network Projects
  1. Maria Spiropulu


    Quantum Networks and Communications : progress and promise

  2. Ronald Hanson

    Delft University of Technology,

    Towards entanglement-based quantum networks

  3. Reza Nejabati

    University of Bristol

    Advancing quantum network from dynamic quantum security to quantum computing interconnected

Panel Discussion with Maria Spiropulu, Reza Nejabati & Ramana Kompella
Technologies (source, detector, memory, repeater)
  1. Kai-Mei Fu

    University of Washington

    Quantum defects and frequency conversion for quantum network applications

  2. Matt Shaw


  3. Galan Moody

    University of California Santa Barbara

    Entanglement resource states with nonlinear integrated photonics

  4. Paul Kwiat

    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

    Multiplexing, memories, and other (re)sources for quantum networking